Since Last Time...

I want to start up Work Sucks again with the new mindset on how I'm going to do pages, but to start there, I first have to wrap something up.

These are the last few pages of the vacuum mines arc. You'd think that whole thing would totally be up my alley, but turns out that at some point you even burn out of your own interests, as obsessive as they may be. The comic will start up right after this, but I am making efforts to change up my comic structure and pacing.

See how this stretch of comic would have taken up to 6 pages more? Yeah I want to move on past that. I want to be able to bounce around. Still have story moments, still have character moments, but be more free to jump around between ideas. I have this huge cast now, I should be able to showcase more of them in different monst... I mean monsters. I mean adventures.

I mean monsters.

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