Putting the Soft in Soft Reboot

You know what I enjoyed working on? You know what I want to go back to working on?

But when I do, I want to change things up a bit. Work Sucks was kind of just an excuse to draw the (made up on the spot at the time) cast getting inhaled by a bunch of monsters, or other perils I suppose, but then I started treating it like a traditional webcomic. I guess in some ways it made it more fun, as I enjoy little stories and character moments in this comic, but I also felt it restrained me in some ways.

Also, since a lot of it early one was kinda made up as I went, a lot wasn't super developed. I love the idea of the world taking place on a big monster, but the world didn't feel monstrous enough. Here's some rough sketches of how I might return to this comic, giving the world a more coherent feel, and feeling more personally alien in a way I know I'll love.

So yeah, more comic to come. Probably going to be a bit more faster paced in some ways, more laid back in other. Probably going to have a little bit of a different style as I've learned a bit from working on InkBolt. Probably gonna be uploaded whenever I feel like it, but one thing's for sure, I do feel like working on this again.

Quill made this! -- quillsparks@gmail.com